Hospitality that features fine dining and open-air bathingTagawa Ryusenkaku

Guest rooms

The guest rooms, which are fine examples of Japanese architectural technique, provide a space for you to relax completely. Some rooms have an open-air hot-spring bath from which you can enjoy a view of the garden.

  • Guest room with an open-air bath “Tsubaki-en”

  • “Tsubaki-en” Guest-room open-air bath


Our meals are prepared with carefully selected local ingredients, and the utmost care is taken to ensure that every dish meets the highest standard of quality and flavor. We strive to create meals that are both beautiful and delicious.

  • Japanese and Western kaiseki cuisine with plenty of Kaga and Kanazawa seasonal ingredients.

  • Special Kanazawa Japanese and Western Kaiseki dishes served.


We have six open-air baths in rice fields with a view of Mt. Hakusan to the south. Since the source of the hot spring is in a rice field, we proudly call our water “rice-field hot-spring water.”
In spring the rice seedlings sway in the breeze, in summer the fresh greenery shines brightly, on fall evenings red dragonflies flit about over the post-harvest rice fields, and in winter the steam from the hot spring hangs over the snowy landscape. Thus, every season offers different rural scenery for you to enjoy. The view from the open-air baths enables you to benefit greatly from the healing power of nature.

  • Mixed bathing open-air bath “Tambo-no-yu”

  • The “Hakuju-no-yu” bath features the scent of Japanese cypress. While soaking in the bath, enjoy the view of the Japanese garden.

Eating facility

「If you go through “Gensuke Gate” and walk past the walkway with a stack of firewood, you will come to the “Gensuke Tearoom.” When you step inside and see the fireplace, Japanese-style oven, paper screens and rustic furniture, you will feel a sense of relief and relaxation, as if you were returning to the comfort of home.

  • Gensuke Tearoom

  • Lounge

Tatsunokuchi OnsenTagawa Ryusenkaku

20 Tatsunokuchi,Nomi,Ishikawa 923-1245,Japan 
TEL +81-761-51-2111  
FAX +81-761-51-3107


Accommodation plan
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