An inn that prides itself on its hospitality, surrounded by a beautiful garden that changes with every season.Matsusaki

Guest rooms

n the new Hou-ou building, all of the rooms have both an open-air bath and an indoor bath with hot-spring water; you can enjoy blissful relaxation whenever you like, without having to think about the time. The garden view from your bath will make the experience all the more enjoyable.

  • Hou-ou:Guest rooms

  • Hou-ou:Open-air and indoor hot-spring baths in every room


There are kitchens in both the new and main buildings, each with a chef who creates kaiseki dishes using fresh local ingredients. The menu changes every month.

  • Hou-ou Kaiseki dishes served in the new Ho-o building:Enjoy beautiful, delicate dishes made with a wide variety of seafood and mountain vegetables.

  • Kanazawa Kaiseki dishes served in the main building:Specialties here are made with local, seasonal ingredients from the Sea of Japan, the foot of Mt. Hakusan, and the Kaga Plain.


Large separate baths for men and women are located on the ground floor of the main building, facing the Azuchi-Momoyama-period (late 16th century) garden. Outside both of these there are open-air baths. On the top (5th) floor of the new Hou-ou building, there are three open-air baths (“Mokusei”, “Gyokuryu” and “Raicho”) with magnificent views of the Hakusan mountain range and the inn’s garden

  • Main building / Large bath “Zuisen”:You can alternate between the large bath and the Japanese cypress bath to enjoy them both.

  • New building / Open-air bath with a view “Mokusei”:On a clear day you can see the Hakusan mountain range from this bath.

Garden and tearoom

You will be welcomed by the Japanese garden when you arrive. As you walk along the passageway over the pond that leads to the entrance, look down at the water, and you will see colorful carp swimming gracefully towards you. Every season offers its special beauty: cherry blossoms in spring, lotus flowers in summer, colorful leaves in autumn, and a carpet of snow in winter.

  • Jetty and passageway over the pond:Enjoy strolling around while looking at the carp and wild birds.

  • Guests staying in the new Hou-ou building are served complimentary matcha (powdered green tea).

Kanazawa and the Tatsunokuchi OnsenMatsusaki

3-1 Tatsunokuchi,Nomi,Ishikawa 923-1245,Japan 
TEL +81-761-51-3111  
FAX +81-761-51-3114

Accommodation plan
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