Ten guest room on 6,600m2 grounds. A secluded hot-spring inn for adults.Ryotei Manyou

Guest rooms

Each room is unique. The moment you step inside, you will notice the distinctive decor... The view from the window changes with every season.

  • VIP room “Fukurokuju”

  • Maisonette-type “Hanashobu” open-air bath


In addition to using seasonal ingredients from the Sea of Japan, the foot of the sacred Mt. Hakusan and the Kaga Plain, we make our meals even more enjoyable by serving them in dishes such as Kutani ceramic ware, Wajima lacquerware and Kanazawa lacquerware.

  • Kaiseki dishes (Appetizer)

  • Kaiseki dishes (Sashimi)


This is the open-air bath where Tatsunokuchi Onsen water was first drawn. Warm yourself in the hot spring while enjoying the pleasant atmosphere.

  • Men’s bath “Yoro-no-yu”

  • Reserved bath “Manyo-no-yu”

Dry-landscape garden and poetry monument

The dry-landscape garden, which can be seen from the lobby, features a poetry monument.

  • The dry-landscape garden that can be seen from the lobby.

  • A monument inscribed with a Manyo poem written by Takashi Inukai stands in the middle of the garden.

Ryotei Manyou

5-31-40 Midorigaoka,Nomi,Ishikawa 923-1245,Japan 
TEL +81-761-51-5111  
FAX +81-761-51-3107


Accommodation plan
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